Add HDD to Server Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

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Add HDD to Server Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Post autor: polak » 14 marca 2017, 17:33

Hi. I have ISP with one website + database (which is growing). This is VPS with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with 10GB SSD. Currently there is 2,8GB free. I would like to buy one more disk drive ( provide an option "additional disk") but I am not sure what will be with next amount of data when whole space on first disk (this 10GB SSD) will be used. Do the data will automatically be saved on the second disk? What to do if they will not? How to make visible secondary disk in ubuntu?

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Re: Add HDD to Server Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Post autor: marcin1982 » 14 marca 2017, 17:53

It's question for OVH support team.

Native language of this forum is Polish. Thus I'm sorry, but thread will be moved to trash.


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